5 Best Wall Paint Designs to Watch Out for in 2022 


Your walls express your tastes and personality to your guests before you even get a chance to woo them with your charms. Hence, how you decorate your walls matters. People are leaving behind plain colour walls in 2022 and embracing designs, patterns and textures when it comes to the walls of their homes. Textures don’t just make your walls look gorgeous, but they also add dimension, depth and character to your home.

Are you bored of your dreary walls and are looking to revamp your walls in 2022? Lucky for you, we will share with you the best 5 paint design types that you can consider using in your home this year.

  1. Fizz texture 

People who are looking for a fun and animated texture design that will instantly make your home emit an energetic aura must consider introducing this texture design into their space. Unleash your inner child and enjoy a wall painted with thousands of bouncy bubbles. Typically, people use a neutral wall colour as a backdrop for this texture and then create the fizz design in metallic interior paints like gold or copper.

  1. Brush Stroke Wall Texture 

If you are a DIYer, then you would love this paint design. You don’t even need to be an artist, to get this paint design right. As the name suggests, for this design you will have to use a paintbrush to draw a repetitive pattern of strokes throughout a wall. This texture design is great for a feature wall in your living room or your kid’s room. A pro tip is to use a neutral backdrop and draw strokes with a contrasting bold colour. This texture will instantly make your space look fun, energetic and light.

  1. Brick Texture 

Have you always dreamt of having a shabby chic home with an exposed brick walls interior? If yes, then you must look no further than this paint design. This texture is great for people who want to introduce textures into their space but don’t want anything statement. It is a perfect texture design for people who have industrial, rustic, shabby- chic and minimalistic home styles. A pro tip is to ditch the traditional brown brick walls and instead opt for a brick wall in neutral hues like beige, cream, grey, white or a multi-coloured brick wall.

  1. Smoky Texture

The smoky texture is a perfect texture choice for people who are looking for a design that looks dreamy, and mystic and adds an element of fantasy to their home décor. This texture is abstract and minimalistic. It is a great wall design choice for people who have contemporary, industrial or minimalistic themed homes. This velvety texture is an artwork in itself and is a perfect texture to decorate an accent wall in your bedroom, preferably the wall behind your bed. The best part about this complex-looking texture is that you can DIY your way through it.  You only need to soak a sponge in the interior paints of your choice and make circular patterns in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to get this one-of-a-kind texture.

  1. Marble texture 

Marble walls scream elegance and luxury like no other texture. People who are looking for a wall texture that will add real oomph to their home décor must look no further than this minimalistic yet extravagant texture design. This texture is sleek, clean and instantly makes your home look expensive.

You can make your walls tell tales of their own with the help of eclectic designs, patterns and textures. Looking for a place to get wall paint ideas or where you can buy premium quality wall paints that will transform your home?
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