A Guide to Sourcing Raw Materials in the Garment Industry


The clothing industry has become extremely competitive, with so many providers, all trying to put out the very best garments at affordable prices, and if you want to increase your margin, take a long look at your raw materials, as it might be possible to make some savings without compromising on quality.

Online Solutions

Just about every supplier of raw materials has a strong online presence, and a few hours of Googling can certainly bring rewards. Take thread (known as ไหมปัก in Thailand), for instance, there are many suppliers of all types of thread, and with new technologies, you get more for your money. Colourfast and very durable, embroidery floss is really something, and it can be supplied in the colour of your choice, and when you factor in the cost, you will be surprised to learn that you can save a little in the process of improving your products.

Factory Visits

Changing a raw material supplier isn’t something you can do at the drop of a hat, indeed, you need to be sure that the new supplier can deliver in volume and has the resources to do so. A factory visit is the only way to make sure of that, and any new supplier would be happy to give you a tour of their facility. Once you have seen the factory and all your questions have been addressed, go ahead and make the switch.

Comparing Products

A few years ago, this would have taken up a lot of your valuable time, but with Google (your best friend), you can easily source and compare, and even order when you are ready. Do make comparisons, as this is the only way to be sure you have the best possible package, and any supplier that isn’t responsive can be struck off your list.

Bundling Packages

The least number of suppliers you have to deal with, the easier it becomes, and there are some who supply threads, fabric and even machinery, which can really make life easier. Suppliers tend to look at their clients’ needs and try to provide everything they require, and there’s bound to be at least one that targets your specific niche. If you are a busy company, this can mean high volume supplies, and as far as the supplier is concerned, they will pull out all the stops to woo a high-volume client, with financial incentives often involved.

Streamlining your Processes

This is one benefit from sourcing the right suppliers, and that means you have more time to focus on production, and by streamlining, you are making your organisation more efficient. You might be happy with your current supply situation, yet spending a little time online could bring dividends, and with the fast pace of technology, many exciting products are coming out, all designed to make the product better.

The Internet has changed the way we live our lives, and regarding supplying the garment industry, the World Wide Web is a great resource.