A mobile banking app of your dream


Everyone dreams about having a good and secured financial position in life. A good business will help you reach your goal in the life you dream of. Let us see how mobile banking apps help to manage your business in a better way. Mobile phone usage has increased the demand for mobile apps in businesses and firms. If you wish to understand how much a mobile banking app helps your business, read this article.

 Mobile phone applications like IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking apps help to boost ROI in several ways. Apart from good customer service and brand promotion, the mobile banking app offer business loans and expert business management suggestions to its customer. To open a bank account online, you need to download IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app from the google play store.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile net banking app allows business entrepreneurs and SME owners to open a business account online and get its benefits.

The online account opening facility helps you enjoy business utility services of the mobile banking app like:   

Open a business account:

Business entrepreneurs can open IDFC FIRST Bank business accounts online on the mobile banking app. The app allows its existing customers to open many kinds of business accounts online such as:

  • Startup Current Account
  • Not-For-Profit Organization
  • Merchant Multiplier Account
  • Current Account
  • World Business Account
  • Freedom Current Account

Get loans and business expert assistance 

You can get complete financial and business solution assistance by utilizing the facilities available on the mobile banking app. If you have a startup or a family business, the app helps you to grow your business by providing business loans based on your eligibility and repayment capacity. You can get financial assistance for your business through unsecured business loans from IDFC FIRST Bank. You can utilize the money to take your business to the next level.

Loans are offered for different purposes like market expansion, marketing, new equipment purchase, upgrading business, meeting your working capital, and infrastructural development and purchase of goods. A business loan is offered to business that comes under categories like:

  • Private Ltd.
  • Partnership firms
  • LLPs
  • Sole proprietors etc

Get Working capital loans through IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app 

The working capital is for businesses to meet working capital such as business expansion, new business opportunities, capital expansion projects, liquidity, cash flow management, forex and trade requirements, and day-to-day business needs. The dream app helps you fulfill you by offering:

  • Term loan, letter of credit, overdraft, cash draft, bank guarantee, and other trade products.
  • Capital loans for property for manufacturers, startups, MSME, and traders.
  • Overdraft account, Payment collection solutions, FX, current account
  • Relationship management solutions for all your banking requirements
  • Transparent charges

Apart from business loans, professionals can get business loans for expansions from 30 lakhs to 1 crore. The exporters are privileged to get a gold card scheme get easy access to expert credit. The facility is available for exporters with a good track record.

So, choose the best banking app of your dream and grow your business to the next level. You can also streamline your account by utilizing IDFC FIRST Bank taxation service, payroll system, and EPR accounting system to enhance your business.