An Introduction to Essential Oils and Product Packaging


Every culture has its own knowledge and understandings of the role of essential oils in medicinal practice. Herbalists in the Middle East use aromatic plants to treat problems of a variety of kinds. The concept of each home producing their own natural remedies is still prevalent among some communities. In the West, oils from aromatic plants have been used for hundreds of years for numerous ailments and problems.

We have all heard of aromatherapy and used it in our own homes for many years. It can be an extremely pleasant experience, giving one a sense of tranquility and peace of mind. This is because of the therapeutic properties of these products.

The essential oil has been known for centuries as a cure-all, ideal for all manner of problems. Thousands of years ago in Egypt, the ointment of the Damascene was used to treat almost all of the physical and mental ills of man. Their main remedy was made of it.

Nowadays there are many health-oriented products on the market with clever custom product boxes and a lot of people have discovered the healing powers of the essential oil. Many are now using it for treating the common cold and flu. Some are even taking this product and drinking it in their tea or coffee to eliminate the ordinary stress they face in life.

Though not as well known as the marjoram and citronella, an aroma from the Olive Leaf has healing properties as well. Nowadays, there are many commercial aromatherapy products available. Most of them contain menthol, citrus oils, lavender, eucalyptus, lime, orange, and orange blossom, patchouli, neroli, Rosemary, and peppermint. Some of these also have alcohol as their main component to provide a cooling effect.

This makes it suitable for the same use as aromatherapy, treating such problems as sinusitis, insomnia, tension headaches, fever, nervousness, depression, asthma, general fatigue, headache, and a variety of other ailments. It can also be used to treat any condition that may be caused by irritants like mold or dust. Unlike a lot of medications today, it does not have side effects.

There are many companies on the market selling the many different kinds of essential oils and products for aromatherapy. There are also many aromatherapy classes and courses available in many locations.