Best Apps That Will Help You Keep Tabs on your Internet Usage


If you want to monitor the limit for using the internet, think twice before selecting a platform because there are limited platforms that offer you this facility. TDS is one of the finest American internet services that can help you to get the best internet package.

Specialists of TDS Telecom are always available to provide you customer support facilities. Either you are looking for some information, the right packages, or budget-friendly packages these customer support specialists will assist you at every step of finding the right solution for you.

Moreover, some tools and applications are also available that help you in evaluating internal usage for your internet package and for employing a data consumption limit for daily data usage according to your desire.

This monitoring facility will help you to remain updated with your overall requirements for the internet and will avert the chances of overspending as well.

Top Apps to Monitor Your Internet Usage

The top apps for monitoring internet usage listed by us are simple to set up and guaranteed to offer amazing results.

Net Guard

It is amongst the highly admired app for monitoring the internet with thousands of customers. Interestingly, Net Guard has no cost and can use by both iOS and Android users. This app is for you if you want cost-free solutions for monitoring data consumption and mounting a traffic limit.

Why choose Net Guard?

It has UI capabilities that contribute to analyzing previous bandwidth usage and averting the monthly threshold of bandwidth. The app also helps in real-time tracking for on-screen activities in the floating window that is an amazing feature you can count on. Net Guard also offers a notification system that enables a user to stay updated.

BitMeter II

This app is best for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet users because it offers convenience by exporting monitored data into an excel file.  It is absolutely a free-of-cost app that offers a convenient experience to users via an interactive UI. This UI enables a user to view data in colored graphs.

Why choose BitMeter II?

BitMeter II provides real-time analyses that is something you don’t want to miss out on. Plus, it offers understandable metrics that guarantee a win for you if you have it at your corner. It allows you to set limits for data usage to avoid the risk of crossing the budget limit and strangling internet speed.

Solarwinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor

If you want to monitor the incoming and outcoming of real-time traffic Solarwinds real-time bandwidth monitor is the app that can serve you most effectively. Interestingly this app allows you the multiple interface facility to work with at a time.

Why choose Solarwinds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor?

The app not only has an interactive UI that is super easy to navigate but also assists you to understand results via charts and graphs.

To Wrap Up

No one likes to be overcharged for saving any data or information and so as you. Thereby, if you want such data monitoring apps for free you need to explore the above-discussed apps. Or you can simply signup for the WOW! internet services that simply allow having a transparent approach of providing you services.

This way you will be able to keep tabs on your internet usage and can also take advantage of the amazing range of features that the company has to offer including the compatible WOW! Wi-Fi that notch up your internet performance to a higher extent. So that you can make the most out of the services that you are spending your hard-earned money on.