Bo Parfet: The motivation behind die trying


Bo Parfet is one of those young men who put themselves out there to explore the world and make a difference. His work impacts the environment and people in all the four corners of the world. Many news reporters have held interviews with him, trying to understand the motivation behind this young man’s works. Bo is only 31 years old and for someone that young, he has achieved a lot. He graduated from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. So that should tell you something about why he is able to manage so many organizations so effectively. He has excellent management skills and is a critical thinker who is also highly motivated to make a huge impact in the world by setting an example. He has done a lot of highly personal activities that tells you just how much he is committed to making a difference and using his own personal achievements to do it. Let us take a look at Bo’s journey to concur the seven summits of the world.

Conquering the seven summits of the world

Originally, Bo Parfet is from Chicago and that is where his passion to become a mountain climber and philanthropy began. His passion set him on a path to become one of the only eighty other individuals to scale the 29, 028-foot Mount Everest summit. This is a feat he accomplished back in 2007 and would be the first of his later missions to scale all of the tallest summits on every continent in the world.

Bo would later increase to the list of summits he had scaled to include some of the most well-known mountain tops in the world. In his list are Mount Kilimanjaro located in Tanzania, East Africa, Mount Aconcuaga located in Argentina, South America, Mount Elbrus located in the European part of Russia, Mount McKinley also known as Mount Mount Denali located in Alaska in the United States, the Vinson Massif located in the Antarctica, Carstensz Pyramid also known as Puncak Jaya located in Indonesia, and Mount Kosciuszko located in Australia.

Why Bo wrote “Die Trying”

Bo was motivated by his mountaineering missions around the world to write a book. In his book, he relates everything about these missions and how they shaped him as the man he is today. The book tells Bo’s most dramatic, traumatic, and triumphal experiences in life. Every unique experience that Bo had on all of his expeditions in the various continents he visited is relayed in great detail in the book. He talks of the various stumbling blocks he encountered and how he was able to turn them into stepping stones in his life and career. These expeditions were a great motivation for Bo to write the book.

Climbing a mountain can be a real diversity, but when you get to the top, the satisfaction is unmatched and that is the story of Bo in his conquest to concur the seven summits.

Bo’s other works

Bo worked as an investment banker on Wall Street in preparation for his future endeavors. He helped a lot of students from poor families in Africa to get scholarships to study medicine. He did this through a program he started with a little help from J P Morgan.