Considering Double-Wall Packaging Boxes


Choosing the right packing boxes can be overwhelming. This is even more so when one has to pack fragile items and ship without incurring any damage. Different types of packaging boxes are used around the world. Double wall corrugated boxes have huge popularity and are widely used in the packaging industry for their special sinusoidal structural design.

Superior strength and durability

Packaging is not just about the design. Durability, strength, and functionality are the factors that are considered seriously. Furthermore, when there is shipping of fragile products, the goal is to avoid collision with a myriad of other packaged items. Thanks to the design of double-wall packaging boxes, products can be shipped safely without the fear of damage. Such packaging boxes offer top-notch level durability and strength.

What are double-wall corrugated boxes?

It is a paper-based material featuring two corrugated flutes and demarcated by an inner liner. Such boxes are designed in five layers, beginning from the top there is a layer of paper, followed by a section of corrugated flute, again a paper layer, followed by the second corrugated flute, and finally the outer paper layer.

The boxes have air columns that function as cushions and protect fragile items from getting collided and damaged. Furthermore, they are manufactured using the fibrous pulp of pine trees and are thereby eco-friendly. Air columns, smoother edges, a five-layer design, and a sinusoidal structure makes double wall corrugated boxes a better and ideal option in the packaging industry.

The need for double-wall corrugated boxes

Double-wall corrugated boxes are robust and used as heavy-duty storage and transport packaging boxes. They are ideal for the storage and transport of products where extra protection is required. Since corrugated boxes are made of five layers, they prove to be stronger, and more durable than conventional single-layer paper cardboards and similar packaging boxes. One of the striking features of double-wall corrugated boxes is that they provide better protection against volatile or sudden temperature changes.

The rigid frame of the boxes enables it to keep the intact shape of the packaging during transport. Moreover, the superior strength of the corrugated boxes means that one can easily and safely place multiple boxes on top of one another. Because of their budget-friendly pricing, and lightweight design compared to industrial containers, like steel drums, double-wall boxes offer safer and more practical storage and transport solutions.

Longer longevity than single-wall boxes

When compared with single-wall cardboard boxes, the double-wall corrugated boxes are stronger. Moreover, they are also likely to last way longer. The five layers of corrugated boxes are robust and durable and stay in shape even after years of usage for storage and transportation. They can handle long-term stacking and storing situations. The double wall corrugated boxes take a longer time to have dents and tears and thereby the degradation is slower than single-wall cardboards.

Difference between single-layer and double-wall corrugated boxes

Both single-layer boxes and double-wall corrugated boxes are used in the packaging industry. Depending on the products packed, stored, and shipped, along with the budget involved, the type of packaging boxes are used. One of the major differences between single-layer cardboard boxes and double-wall corrugated boxes is the number of layers used and the presence of a flute layer, which is exclusively used in two layers in double-wall corrugated boxes.

Furthermore, double-wall boxes remain intact in shape despite long-term storage and stacking conditions. On the other hand, single-wall boxes lose their shape and are unable to withstand long-term storage conditions. The double-wall corrugated boxes are manufactured with the aid of automated, high-accuracy machines, which are known as corrugators. Single-wall boxes are often hand-made. Finally, the presence of two layers of flutes in double-wall corrugators offers additional cushioning and protects fragile items. The cushioning effect is missing in single-wall cardboard boxes.


The versatility of double wall corrugated boxes makes them so popular and widely used across industries. They can easily hold up to 30 kilograms of items safely, varying from fragile electronics, to heavy-duty stacks of oil and paints and every kind of item. Double-wall corrugated boxes are also available in customized size, even enabling more than 30kg storage weight capacity. The durability, rigidity, strength, space-saving, and cushioning design make double wall corrugators a better choice for packaging products.