Four Awesome Benefits of Duck Meat to Health


Duck is a versatile meat that people can enjoy as a lunchtime staple, a dinner roast, or a midweek specialty. There are many delicious dishes to create using duck meat. Although chicken has been known for being the leanest protein source, the duck is gaining a reputation for being a healthy option. Below are some of the benefits of eating duck as experts say:

It is Friendly to the Waist

A lot of people assume that duck meat can make you gain weight because of its fat content. While duck has a generous layer of fat, it is on the surface of the meat. Also, the fat can be used for making certain dishes such as roast potatoes. If you wish to get rid of the fat itself, you just have to remove the skin and you take away most of the fat, leaving you with a lean source of protein. After removing the skin, duck breast is already like chicken breast that has about 3 grams of fat per 100g of meat. Skinless breast makes a delicious and lean addition to your waist-friendly diet.

It Contains Lots of B Vitamins

Vitamin B helps with a lot of bodily functions such as detoxification and cellular function. Although vitamins that belong in this category are available in different sources, a duck has all eight essential B vitamins. B12, in particular, is just available from meat-based sources like a duck. This B vitamin is useful for cognition with some studies linking a lack of this vitamin to attention deficiency and poor memory.

It Contains Minerals that Boost Immunity

In terms of immune function, most people will want to take vitamin C to boost their immunity against colds, flu, and other illnesses. But, studies reveal that minerals such as selenium and zinc are essential to correct immune system functioning. The white blood cells in the body have selenium but they still a great dose of selenium to protect the body from invaders. Zinc regulates every part of the immune system to fight off infections. Fortunately, these nutrients are contained in duck meat. In fact, consuming just a breast of a duck gives you more than one-third of the daily recommended intake of selenium.

It Contains Iron

A lack of iron can make you feel tired and fatigued. This is because iron is a significant component of the oxygen-carrying part of every red blood cell. Duck is a great source of iron.