General Information about Types of Contact Lenses


These days, many people prefer using contact lenses instead of spectacles to correct vision problems. It has become a savior for those who do not like wearing spectacles.

However, if you are new to the world of contact lenses and need to buy contact lenses near me shops it will be best to gain basic information to know the kind of lenses suitable for your eyes.

Here are few tips to help you choose the best lenses for use:

  • Know the material used to make the contact lenses. Considering the materials used to make the lenses there are five kinds of lenses.
  • Soft lenses: They are of gel like plastic known as Hydrogels. These lenses were introduced in the year 1970. It is thin and conforms close to the eyes. They are soft thus quite comfortable to use.
  • Silicone hydrogel lenses: They are advanced model of hydrogel lenses porous in texture thus oxygen is able to reach the cornea of eyes smoothly. Presently they are the most popular contact lenses.
  • Gas permeable lenses: Commonly known as GP or RGP is rigid kind of lenses porous in surface allowing oxygen circulation in the eyes. They can be easily fitted closer to eyes compared to other rigid lenses. They provide sharp vision compared to soft hydrogel made lenses. It is best help for people suffering from Astigmatism.

  • Hybrid contact lenses: They are soft as well as have benefits of crystal clear optics of gas preamble lenses. They aren’t quite popular as it takes short time period to adapt to wear such lenses.
  • PMMA lenses: It is made of transparent strong plastic material polymethyl methacrylate shortly known as PMMA. They are good for correcting the vision however doesn’t allow oxygen to reach eyes, thus rarely prescribed for daily usage.
  • The kind of contact lenses you want depends upon your wearing time – The regular lenses need to be removed at night before sleep while the advance model of lenses can be removed after a week.
  • Depends upon its replacing time – All contact lenses need to be replaced after a regular period of time. Soft lenses types need to be discarded in few weeks. There are even lenses ready to be discarded daily for people seeking hygiene while using contact lenses. Rigid kind of lenses can be discarded in every six months duration time period.
  • The design of contact lenses varies in ways they focus. Some are spherical able to provide vision through the optical part of the lens. Toric soft lenses power varies in accordance to the meridians to correct Astigmatism. Multifocal lenses are usually used to correct both far and near vision.