How dedicated server hosting works


When you need to host your website, it is only natural that you do some research into the various hosting options available to you. As you do that, you will realize that there are multiple options available to you and that you will have to make a decision based on your budget and needs among other factors. Some of the hosting options you will come across are cloud hosting, Hybrid servers, VPS, and dedicated servers. Dedicated server web hosting is just one of the options you have for hosting your site. The name dedicated server is used to refer to physical servers that are used to host the services and applications of only one hosting client. These kinds of servers are very suitable for websites that enjoy high traffic levels. In simpler terms, dedicated servers are suitable for hosting scenarios that place the most priority on performance.

Bare metal server or dedicated server

There is always some confusion in naming when it comes to bare metal servers and dedicated servers. When you are researching about hosting options, you may come across the term bare metal hosting and wonder what that means. The thing is, bare metal hosting and dedicated server hosting simply mean the same thing. When the phrase bare metal is used, it brings out the aspect of the user being close to the metal, as in the physical hardware that makes up the server. This is different from cloud server where there is usually a hypervisor layer that separates the user from the bare metal. Otherwise, dedicated servers and baremetal servers are words that mean the same thing.

Dedicated server hardware

A dedicated server is just similar to a desktop computer that you use at work or home. Since it is a computer, it contains the basic components that make up any other kind of computer. These include memory, processor, network hardware, storage, and buses that are used to connect peripheral devices. However, the hardware that is contained in a dedicated server is not the same as the one that is contained in a normal desktop computer or even any server for that matter. The hardware is a dedicated server is usually enterprise-grade and as such, it is less prone to failure. It is also more powerful and more reliable in comparison.

Dedicated server RAM

The RAM in a dedicated server usually uses ECC RAM where ECC stands for error correcting code. This RAM is more reliable and costs more that the kind of primary memory found in average PCs and laptops. ECC RAMs include special hardware that helps in the prevention of the most common causes of data corruption. The RAMs detect the causes of data corruption such as cosmic rays and electrical interference when they happen and make necessary corrections to prevent data corruption.

Dedicated servers usually run 24 hours in a day and can keep it up for several years without a hiccup. That is only possible because they are made using high-grade hardware to ensure reliability.