How to Decorate Small Spaces


Having a small house interior design does not mean you cannot flaunt it. By choosing the right interior design, you can make even a very small home design very appealing. Decorating a small space is not difficult. Just like designing a large home design, you have to understand how you want to use the space and follow a few simple tricks to create a very appealing design. If you are not sure how to create the perfect small house interior design, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 06 Make sure it is well-lit

One of the main things you have to take into consideration is lighting. By using light properly, you can open up any small space. Make sure you allow sufficient natural light to enter indoors. Choose window designs that feature large glass panes so that more light can come in. Further, use light and airy curtains so that light can enter even when you draw them. Besides natural light, you have to pay attention to artificial light as well. There are many options available in the market you can choose from. Choose compact lighting fixtures like wall sconces, recessed lights, etc. if you do not have enough space for a floor lamp.

02 of 06 Place the furniture pieces properly

Placement is a very crucial part of small rooms. You do not have to get rid of your large furniture pieces while designing your small home design. By strategically placing them, you can keep the furniture pieces and ensure sufficient space is available. Experts suggest placing them against a wall instead of in the middle of the room. This will allow the smooth flow of traffic even in small rooms. You can come up with various creative layouts to accommodate all your large pieces in a small space.

03 of 06 Choose furniture pieces that are multi-functional

Many manufacturers design multi-functional furniture pieces that are ideal for small spaces. By opting for multi-functional furniture pieces, you can save both space and money. For instance, you buy a desk that can be used for working and turned into a dining table during dinner or lunch. Or, a bookshelf that can store all your essentials and turn into a desk when required. As a result, you do not have to buy additional furniture pieces for your small house design. Hence, more free space will be available. Also, you will be buying a lesser number of furniture pieces. This will help you to save more money as well.

04 of 06 Hang mirrors

Hanging mirrors on walls is a very common trick used by experts for designing small spaces. They are perfect to make your small room appear larger. The reflection formed on the mirror creates the illusion of a larger space. Hence, the room appears larger than its original size. Depending on your preferences, you hang a large mirror or lots of small ones. If you are hanging small mirrors, hang them in groups so that you can create a nice beautiful gallery on the wall. Also, make sure you choose framed ornate mirrors of different sizes and shapes to add to the visual interest.

05 of 06 Only keep the items you need

Since you have a small house interior design, you do not want anything unnecessary occupying space in the room. Hence, you have to get rid of all the items that are not important. This can prove to be quite challenging for many homeowners but it is essential. If you are confused about which items you should get rid of, make a list of all the items that you have not used at all in the last few years. Most of these items will be impractical and useless. You should start with getting rid of them. This will certainly help to create more room in your home.

06 of 06 Come up with smart storage ideas

To create a successful small house design, you have to ensure sufficient storage is available in the room. This will help to prevent clutter. You can come with various ideas to add extra storage to your small home design. There are various furniture pieces that offer storage. For instance, a bed with storage, an ottoman that can store linens, or a desk with lots of drawers. Besides that, you can use boxes and baskets to store various items and keep them hidden. Instead of trying to store everything in your closet, you should come up with creative ways to store everything in a small space.