Tips To Maintain the Heat Pump


Over the years, the machines have witnessed outstanding upgrades with the technological advancements. Gone are the days when people had to use a fireplace for keeping the interiors warm especially in winters and those who live in hilly areas. The invention of air conditioners has revolutionized the whole concept of keeping the interiors cool or warm. For running the thermopompe centrale or the central heat pump uninterruptedly, know a couple of pointers essential for preserving the device.

Here some tips are provided for maintaining the heat pump

  • Don’t keep changing the thermostat of the temperature especially in winter. The constant adjustment will increase the utility cost particularly in extreme weather conditions.
  • Limit the setback of the thermostat particularly when you’re sleeping or off to work. If you use the thermostat in setback then only limit it twice a day for maintaining the system.
  • In summers try not to set the thermostat less than 65 degrees. Again in the cooling mode, try not to set the thermostat below 70 degrees. Apart from increasing the utility bill, this will allow the indoor coil to freeze causing to condensation inside the property.
  • Always keep an eye on the outdoor unit especially on winters. Never allow the ice to stay long on top of the machine. It will prohibit the heating to form quickly. Again, the stagnation of the ice on the roof of the outdoor unit will consume more electricity.
  • If you turn the thermostat into emergency mode, it will remove the snow from the unit. You can also pour a bucket full of warm water on the unit to allow the ice to meltdown. Cold water through a hose helps in removing the ice but never use hot water through the hose.

  • Avoid using any sharp objects especially knives to prick up last inches of ice from the machine. This causes extreme damage to the HVACs. Use a blunt tool to remove the ice.
  • Never allow the outdoor unit to get installed under a leaked pipeline or even a gutter. Fix it immediately if you see the gutter leaking. The droplets from the leaks accumulate on top of the machine and form ice. Avoid facing such trivial problems when you only desire to keep the interiors warm in winters.
  • Finally, if you think you need a professional support for maintaining the air conditioner or the heat pump, consult with a service provider for their annual maintenance package.