What you did not know about the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk


Before you think of heading to 2020 jeep grand Cherokee Chicago to purchase a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, you need to know the following basics so that you are sure that is precisely what you want to buy:

You will not be able to use launch control until you have broken in the engine

There is a tempting, giant launch button that happens to be on the center console, but it will never work until the odometer passes the 500 miles reading. It seems like a movie, which is sensible, given that any vehicle that is new needs to be driven slow for some miles. And you have to know that the Hellcat engine is not one that is new when you purchase the car. Before installation, each of the machines is placed on a 42 minutes rigorous dyno test.

It is possible to launch control at up to 3500 rpm, but you should not

For the optimum launch, it is recommended at 2200 rpm on most surfaces. The control menu for the launch on the touch screen allows us to choose an engine speed launch between 1500 to about 3500 rpm. Then mat the throttle and brake, release the brake, and hold on to it. As in the dodge challenger or charger hellcats – demons, the torque reserve is activated by the launch control, having to prefill the supercharger and a tract inlet with air pressure to ensure you get the power that is maximum as soon as you can leave the line.

It doesn’t have a top speed limiter

Neither the 707 hp trackhawk or the Grand Cherokee SRT, which has 475 horsepower, has electronic limiters. They both tend to run on against the aerodynamics laws, which puts the top speed of the later at 160 miles in an hour and that of the Trackhawk at about 180 mph.

You will have to blame the exhaust for the 5pound feet loss of the torque

The engine of the trackhawk cranks out about 707 horsepower as the challenger hellcat twins/dodge charger. Still, the 645 lb ft compared to the 650 lb-ft in the dodge models—the extra restriction found in the routing of the exhaust required by the Grand Cherokee platform. Considering the SUV will run to about 60 mph in about 3.5 seconds, you will not be upset about the five-pound-feet.

The front brake rotors are the jeep models that are largest to have been installed

Not the large that you will find on a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles product, which are heavy-duty trucks that require larger brakes, but the largest on any individual jeep. They are about 15.75inches rotors on the front versus the 15.0 inches ones that you will find on a Grand Cherokee SRT. It was necessary to upsize as it accommodates the thermal load of having to stop from the Trackhawk’s about 180mph velocity of the terminal. It means that they will get hot.

It has an extra oil cooler

Mounted on the driver’s front side fascia, it is an air to the oil cooler, helping to keep the temperature of the V-8 in check.